Stupidity can be defined in many ways…I hope I do not insult anyone but hopefully educate or at least reduce peoples levels of ignorance or stupidity.In this blog post I will reveal stupidity I have experienced in relation to -lack of intelligence,  foolishness, denseness, brainlessness,ignorance and outright stupidity.

As I travel about,it seems the notion people have of Africans,sorry let me rephrase that,Africa as a continent will astonish you.Many are the times I have had to hold or literally bite my tongue before responding.Some of it was sheer utter stupidity ,however,in some instances ,the person was genuine it their remark/ignorance.

1.How did you get here?


Someone actually asked me this question on my trip to India.A whole graduate,a learned European at that, was shocked that an African could be found in Asia.At first ,I did not understand his question and thus responded I had arrived via rick-shaw to the location.Then he clarified,how did you get to India from Africa????*Mouth on the ground  * and the answers were rushing literally..what do you think-.I walked,I swam,I just appeared,I cycled,I rode an elephant… seriously..Do you not know your Geography?Africa is closer to Europe than it is to Asia? After regaining my senses I politely responded,I flew here ,just like you.And then his ignorance went a higher notch…You have aeroplanes in Africa????(I slapped him hard across the cheek-mentally),and responded,let me tell you the truth about Africa and specifically my country Kenya.We are clearly more developed than you think,and yes, we have planes, cars, education, clothes,hospitals etc

2.Do you own a lion?

images (5)

hahahahahahah ok seriously,film producers you are tarnishing our image here..Lions ,tigers ,cheetahs among other animals are wild animals.They live in the wild ,we do not.No,I neither own a lion nor an elephant and no,we do not live like Tarzan.Wild animals will not spare me because I am African,to them African,Asian,Caucasian,European etc makes no difference-all are humans and can be feasted on.I also have to visit National Parks or conservancies to see them like you ,and not my backyard.Actually,we(Africans) are always shocked when we watch programmes like National Geographic and we see you playing with these animals,seeking them out in the Amazon,in National Parks among others and we exclaim:”Wazungu hawajipendi “(White people do not love themselves)-otherwise why oh why would you leave the comfort of your homes,to put your lives at risk so as to shoot an extremely dangerous shoot with wild animals.

3:Africans are dangerous:

images (2)

Well…I have a lot to say about this but I will hold my tongue (a bit).  took the award. Show me one continent or any country that faces zero crime rates…Any takers? With the introduction of cable TV(Yep,we have it ) we are actually more afraid of most foreign countries having watched series like Crime among others.Your crime stories among others honestly leave us in shock……utter shock that such things can be done and happen in the world. .Also,am I the only one who doesn’t understand why none of the African countries are on the list of countries having or manufacturing weapons of mass destruction from Gas chambers to Nuclear weapons etc …yet it is purported that we are the most dangerous place to be?I think people need to re-define the meaning of dangerous.

4.Does the black  colour wash off?


I am proudly Black and African at that,-The most weird question I have been asked in relation to the colour of my skin(and they have been many) is,-does it wash off as one would washing dirt…(Yes,I threw a few things at this person ,mentally) and there after smiled.Like seriously,its not like the fake tans you apply or spray on,its our pigmentation(check your dictionary for the meaning).I told them Touch my hand and see for yourself. I could see their apprehension,and I think sheer curiosity(like the one that apparently killed the cat) they stretched their hand and touched my hand.They checked their finger,and nope,no black colour. They asked if they could touch again and I said Yes(Honestly,they looked really shocked and astounded by the new reality),so they then greeted my hand and again no black colour came off. Kindly non-black people,the black on our skin is like the white on your skin(or whatever colour you have).It does not wash off,it is not dirt,it actually also gets dirty.Go on,shake the hand of the next black person you meet, hug them even(with permission) and no,you wont become black.

5.African ladies are prostitutes:

stupid2 (1)

Prostitution is not an African affair,its a global affair such that some countries have even legalized it(But nope,not in Africa).So,next time you see a black lady in your environment,do not think prostitute,think lady, sister, mother, friend, grandmother,business lady,student,farmer,judge,doctor,pilot etc.

Being a solo African lady has brought its fair share of amusements as well as sheer anger and annoyance.I once stopped an older man to ask for directions(I thought he would be a better bet than young men,and I had heard him speak English on his phone in a country that hardly spoke English.It was almost comical that after I said hallo and showed him the name of the place I was looking for (Yep,back packers always have a map ,notebook or paper at all times) he went on to proposition me…And I am like Oh no he didnt..its 10:00 am in the morning,we are outside a supermarket(like really,really,really).So please,next time you meet a lady,Black,Asian,White,etc,consider them as you would your sister,your daughter,your wife,your mother…Respect,respect,respect and nope,just because you are a foreigner ,her attempt to talk to you was not to proposition you or as a ticket to get a foreign passport or Visa,she may honestly just be asking for directions.

6.Africa isn’t defined by poverty,disease and starvation

images (6)

I meet people and they are shocked I look healthy.They are shocked I could afford to travel so far from my homeland(Africa).Its as if I should be in the Guinness Book of Records because apparently Africa is all disease,starvation,poverty and all things bad.Yes,I agree ,we have all these elements(some more than others) but show me a country that doesn’t face these-even America has beggars on their streets,Europe has people dying as they cannot access medical attention etc.Africa is so much more ,from  amazing warm,loving people,to people dedicated to their communities ,to  diverse cultures to amazing sceneries-Amazing mountains like Mt.Kilimanjaro  and Mt.Kenya  , Lake Turkana-The worlds largest permanent desert lake and the worlds largest alkaline lake to the Maasai Mara(famous for the wildebeest migration(I still do not understand why it hasn’t been named as the seventh wonder of the world), the Oil fields in Nigeria,the Victoria Falls in Zambia,Gorillas in Rwanda,the Pyramids in Egypt,Nyiragongo Volcano in Congo,and the list goes on and on.So go on,make a visit to Africa,and you will be shocked.The movies and stories you have seen are in most cases skewed to paint Africa negatively.Welcome home-Karibu Nyumbani(They say  the cradle of mankind is in Turkana) and fall in love with the African people and the African continent as a whole.

7.Do you speak African?

images (3)

…Hmmm not even sure where to start as a response,every time I hear this.

a)Africa is not a country ,its a continent like Europe.b)Africa is made up of several countries c)Each country has several languages that thus makes it impossible to have an African language.In some African countries,French is an official language which means they speak French fluently..Surprised?Well, there are those like us who speak English fluently and English is classified as a formal language in Kenya.The colonialists decided to make us learn and live like them thus our prowess in the language. I actually think English should be classified as our native language as most of us are more fluent in it than our mother tongues or even Kiswahili(A shame,I know) .I am actually astounded watching some foreign films and the English is sooooooo bad ,I literally want to look for the script writer and all the actors and actually teach them English.

8.There are White/Asian/Black/Caucasian/Arab Africans?


Shocked right???? defines African as 1 : a native or inhabitant of Africa.

Lets remember the above definition(Native or inhabitants of Africa.)When you hear Africa is the cradle of mankind, listen keenly I will divide Africa into North,East,West and South to show our diversity,that African does not necessarily mean Black as most have been made to believe.

In the North of Africa,we have countries like Algeria,Egypt,Libya,Morocco,Sudan, and Tunisia.Most of these countries citizens are a mix of black Africans and Arab looking Africans.If you are to meet the Arab looking ones on the road,you may  think they are from other continents but trust you me,they are ALL AFRICAN.Southern Africa has countries like South Africa,Angola,Botswana,Madagascar,Seychelles among others.Now,those in some of the countries are dominantly black African.However,if you are to meet my Angolan brothers or Seychelles sisters,ypu will probably think they were Asian or oriental or the Afrikaans and thought they were European-sorry to burst your bubble-they are African.Move to East Africa -Kenya,Tanzania,Uganda Rwanda etc and again our features vary.We have a blend of “‘white” Africans,Arab looking ,Black Africans among others.Move to west Africa and we have Nigeria,Ghana,Gambia among others.Again,the mix of cultures from across the world will be found here.

Thus ,I will give you this for free,African doesn’t necessarily only mean black skin,it refers to inhabitants of the African continent. As I have shared they vary,White,Asian,Caucasian,Arabian,Oriental,Black, mix is all over.So no,there is no Black African,White African,Asian African,there is only African.

AOB: Share,share,share

My fellow Africans and other people of different races and continents across the Globe,have you faced stupidity? Or have you exuded stupidity? Kindly share and lets reduce the levels of stupidity and ignorance globally.


Disclaimer: A big thanks to the internet with its various sites that enabled me to copy the used images…Yes,I accept none is my artwork (and thus I do not purport thus.)Thanks..


13 thoughts on “STUPIDITY EXPOSED……

  1. Sheshi….. yep! Unfortunately i resonate with your post hey! Once someone asked me if i floated on a crocodile to get to South Africa. Guys guys…. STUPID IS REAL. just wish it had a cure. I enjoy reading your posts.

  2. Very well put post as you can imagine after 11 years abroad I have been asked almost all those questions and expected to be an expert of that country or village called Africa. It was only last week someone asked me ‘How did you come here.’ It took me aback as I was wondering what she meant so I asked her ‘Do you mean, why I came here?’ a more common question. But she repeated ‘No, how did you get here in UK? …So I told her the story of how I boarded Kenya Airways ensured I emphasised the name Kenya. At times I have been tempted to say yes my pet lion was called Simba and I loved him very much. But again my grandpa’s leg was amputated after been bitten by a cheetah which had escaped the national park but mentioning this make it sound like there are cheetahs everywhere ready to pounce, stressed that stereotype. I am ever amused when I invite guests for dinner and they come expecting not to recognise any dish laid infont of them and when they ask (Mukimo) what is this? Its peas and potatoes mashed together I can almost see their disappointment you mean you eat ‘normal’ food. I have answered endless questions which I am always happy to educate people about Africa but some ignorance its beyond me. I told someone I come from Kenya, he said he did not know where that was – Fair enough when I was in Africa I did not know so many European countries. But I said it was in Africa and he asked where that was? I spelled it out thinking it was my accent, he said he had never heard of it then I cut abit of slack for those who have heard of it although still did not know it was not a country. I could write an essay on this. Keep travelling and educating the world.

    • @Njoki…..wawawawawa how is it I see this today….rolling on the floor laughing…woi..I see we have similar experiences in many ways..That said,I think I will start carrying a world map in case I meet those who have never heard of Africa as above.Education ,one reader at a time..Cheers

  3. This is HILARIOUS!!!! I have to share this. Stupidity can’t be cured for sure but it can make a good laugh

    • @Charcoal Dust…happy you enjoyed and shared..Keep following to get updates on other posts that will tickle your fancy..Have a read through the blog..there are others that may make your day.

  4. Oh man…don’t get me started…I just finished watching the Amazing race and the one couple was looking for the map of Africa (rather than Zambia and Zimbabwe). Oh maaaaan…It felt like nails against a chalkboard!
    Yep, I hear it all the time and see it all the time…people coming to stare at my food to see if they can recognize it.
    Or worse still…’your English is so good. Where did you learn to speak such good English?’ Umm…what? Ten years ago I was happy to educate. These days, not anymore. I get irritated! Annoyed!

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